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How to choose the best dog breed for home?

Dogs are the funniest, Friendliest, and cutest ever. Ther are not called man’s best friend for anything, right? But from hundreds of breeds to choose from, which one would perfectly suit your lifestyle and needs. Let’s find out.

Guard Dogs

A lot of people are not only looking for a dog but also a faithful guardian in their dog. If you are one of those people, you should look for a Rottweiler, Doberman Pincher, Or German Shepherd. These breeds are natural guard dogs. Since they don’t trust strangers that easily and will do a good job in protecting your house. Now, that doesn’t mean they are not funny or cute. Don’t worry, they can easily do both. You probably won’t find a good fit in retrievers though. These dogs are generally way too friendly.

Family-Friendly Dogs

If you have a big family full of kids or just welcomed a newborn into this world, it can seem challenging to pick the perfect dog breed. Of course, pretty much every dog breed loves children but this would be a territory where a Labrador or a Golden Retriever would be completely unbeatable. They just adore children and are always ready to play. Nothing makes them happiest than fetching a ball. If their size intimidates you, consider getting a Beagle.

Atheletic Dogs

If you lead an active lifestyle and love going out for a daily jog, you probably would not mind have a training buddy around you, would you? consider getting a Pointer or a Setter since they are pretty much built for running. If you want a bit smaller, a Jack Russel Terrier can be a good choice as well. It’s not a good idea to get an English Bulldog or a Pug. They would probably more struggle to over-exercising. Stire clear of having large stocky kids too as they are heavy and frequent running can damage their joints.

Lap Dogs

What can be better than chilling out on a couch and watching some TV after a hard day’s work? If you are looking for a furry cuddle buddy who will always be happy to lay around on the sofa with you, a French Bulldog or a Maltese is your perfect fit. They will always be by your side, IP or on your lap whenever you are reading a nice book or watching your favourite TV show.

The best thing is to do is find a good shelter in your area. Make sure to mention you are a newbie. So that they can find you the best fit. And next thing you know, you will be coming home with a lucky dog that will surely become your most loyal friend.

So do you already have a dog or are you considering getting one? Tell us in the comment section below